The Vape Menace – Moonshine Mary-Jane

The Vape Menace - Moonshine Mary-Jane

The Vaping Menace – The Arrival of Pestilence in the Media A lot of hysteria has dominated the news cycle around the current dangers of vaping, leading the casual observer to conclude even coming within range of a vaping device would cause certain death! In reality, as of this writing, it seems 2 deaths and a couple hundred illnesses have been attributed to an as-yet-undetermined set of cardiopulmonary maladies that followed using vaporized cannabis and tobacco products. A lot more information is still needed as to what caused these illnesses with the early theories pointing to Vitamin E acetate used to “cut” or chaptalize the oil for use in a vape cartridge. It also seems to be limited to illicit-market cartridges in terms of cannabis. As a result of prohibition ending so broadly in North America, we know a lot more about how to properly create cannabis extracts. At this point, it is completely possible to make a clear, full-spectrum extract suitable for cartridge use without the need for additives. For those who prefer vaping via a cartridge system, sticking with well-known manufacturers for hardware and knowing proper temperature thresholds of your devices will help insure a safe experience. The issue does make a strong argument for universal repeal of cannabis prohibition so that these products can be regulated. As long as outdated cannabis prohibition laws exist, the illicit market will come up with shortcuts to meet demand. These issues are being caused by “moonshine mary jane.” Although this “epidemic” is certainly far from that, any vape victims could have been easily protected with common-sense legislation allowing safe access to a natural plant and derivatives thereof.

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