A Global-Mindset Perspective on the Cannabis Plant Industry.

Cannabinnovator in Vaping

Hot off the line from some cannabinnovators in Shenzhen, I offer you the latest in vaping elegance. This is probably one of the most Eric Boone-iest thing ever conceived.

Cannabinnovation has always been a big fan of innovations in delivery methods. As we, as an industry, evolve into a more lifestyle-based marketing in promoting cannabis products, we have seen a whole variety of shapes and sizes that broaden the appeal of cannabis consumption to those who might not be fans of the smell or smoke associated with traditional flower consumption. As a consumer floating in the middle of the Gen-X demographic, I welcome the advent of the healthier and more-discrete concentrate vapor delivery method.

Some of the innovations in this sector are really fun and appeal to a broad range of tastes and lifestyles. As our understanding of the flavor compounds grows, the devices and concentrates are evolving in unison to deliver flavor sensations that represent a whole new world for the cannasseur. One device that immediately jumped out to me was the vPipe III from VapeOnly. I met the creators at CannaCon in Las Vegas last year and they were kind enough to sell me one of their prototype units – here you see us pictured with the first vPipe III in North America!

In bringing the vPipe III to market, VapeOnly consulted extensively with traditional pipe smokers to get the right heft and hand feel and it does not disappoint. It is made of ebony wood and is air-activated. The “bowl” lights up with an LED to nice effect when drawing. For the vape nerds – it runs off a single 18350 battery with max 24W power and features a 1.2ml capacity atomizer with 07ohm BCV coils.

A big THANK YOU to the Cannabinnovators at VapeOnly for this unique lifestyle product. Keep up the good work! This is UNSPONSORED content – I bought the device and am just sharing the innovation. If you want to check out more of what they have to offer, visit them at http://www.vapeonly.com/

CBD Innovation

CBD Industry Developments

Time to shift the paradigm on how our industry manages data

The way the legal cannabis industry has managed the tremendous amounts of data it collects has proven to be an Achilles heel for the industry when it should be enabling it to leapfrog into revolutionary developments in retail and supply chain management. I helped Microsoft implement in traceability platform back in its earlier days, and I have woven the “paradigm shift” part of their culture into my own technology company. We have a division that deploys technology into legal cannabis businesses of any licenses type and have seen the technological challenges that face the industry first-hand since 2013.

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A Global-Mindset Perspective on the Cannabis Plant Industry.