Cannabinnovation in Delivery Methods

Cannabinnovation in Delivery Methods

Cannabis Industry Developments

I would like to ask my readers what they think of this cannabinnovation.

Delivery methods are a common topic on this site and this post is related to concentrate dosing. $$$$, the developer of this technology, introduced himself to me at MJ BIZ CON Vegas 2018.

Although I am thrilled with the benefits offered by the vaporization of the extracted essential oils of the plant, there is little doubt that the concentrated strength of the product can quickly incapacitate those unfamiliar with this form of the plant. Visually, there is little difference between a 10mg droplet and a 20mg droplet, but the effect is quite different. Some distillate manufacturers distribute their product in glass syringes that allow microdosing, but are still prone to an over-assertive “plunge” on the dropper, resulting in an inaccurate dose.

Here are a couple of innovations, neither of which seem to have found solid venture footing. Both maintain the plunger format but one emphasizes specific dosing and the other, while less specific in measure, offers various microdoses with the added ability to apply the oil to the vaporizer directly from the device. The latter can also be effective as a precise filling apparatus for atomizers requiring a bit of finesse.

I do have concerns — we still need to learn more about the long-term impacts of storing concentrates with high terpene levels in them — how does the causticity of the hydrocarbon impact the storage medium over time? I think these are both steps in the right direction, but we still have a lot of cannobinnovation in store in the area of delivery mechanisms.

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