About Eric

I bring a unique perspective to the global cannabis industry as a true and long-time global-mindset executive. I have spent my post-collegiate life focused on building my abilities to operate in any cultural context and to identify innovative opportunities targeted to the individual culture. I feel I have developed a multicultural heart with a gypsy spirit – I have had 35 different residences in 15 different cities and 5 different countries throughout my life. I studied abroad in the UK, lived in Russia for 4 years and lived in India for 2 years.

I entered the cannabis industry in 2009, when I took the helm of one of the first publically traded medical cannabis-related companies, Altitude Organic Corporation. The exposure to the emerging science of cannabinoids and solidified my approach to this industry from a position of advocacy. Recognizing the broad application of industrial hemp, I spent my time in India (2014-2016) working toward developing a vertically-integrated industrial hemp supply chain. I consult extensively in the space with a particular emphasis on leveraging the power of machine learning and AI to empower the global cannabis industry at all points in the supply chain, provide consumers with greater insight on the lifestyle enhancements they seek, and helping government and taxing authorities regulate cannabis and its derivatives in a manner that does not burden the industry or stifle innovation. I spend a lot of my time traveling to cannabis industry and investment events internationally.

Most recently, Cannabinnovation has expanded its scope (and consciousness) into the space of psychedelic therapy if you found us through Mycelinnovation. Many cool innovations are in development to usher in breakthrough delivery and dosing mechanisms for psychedelic therapies.

At the beginning of 2018, combining a global mindset and a focus on the cannabis industry was a recipe for disaster – global prohibition seemed to be wavering, but was still very much in effect. In the USA, different states all legislate legalization differently, so expertise in ones state wouldn’t even translate across state lines. Canada’s move to repeal cannabis prohibition really kick-started a global industry, however. In April 2018, many cannabis companies were talking about public listings – six months later, we are seeing a new reverse merger or IPO on a weekly basis. By the end of 2019, top-line pursuits have taken a back seat to investors exhausted patience and a renewed insistance on immediate profitability. Global supply chains are being established with very serious capital being deployed in support as a frustratingly-resiliant illicit market continues to thrive in practically all legal markets. 2020 will see consolidation of operations crossing multiple national borders. Now, a global mindset has become essential for this nascent, yet worldwide, behemoth.

I offer this site as a global mindset resource for innovation in the cannabis industry.


Are you cannabinnovating? Do you know a cannabinnovator with an idea up his or her sleeve? Have a project you want share? Let’s talk about it! I welcome emails and texts.


Seattle, Washington